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Shallow Mount Bollard

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Worldwide Winner of Heald's 2023 Distributor of the Year
  • Crash Tested Shallow Mount Solution
  • Lower Maintenance Requirements
  • Reliable Operation
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  • The Heald Raptor is an incredible perimeter security product, and we can offer you Heald Bollards and a range of additional shallow mount solutions to suit your needs.
  • Concentric Security works with you to understand your project’s unique requirements and develop a customized solution for you.
  • As the only perimeter security company that has Assessment, Engineering, Construction and Service capabilities in-house, we can get you to the right solution for your unique project.
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We became Heald's 2020 Distributor of the Year by making more projects successful for our clients than anyone else. Put us to work for you.

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"Working with Concentric Security has been an awesome and a great experience. The integrity they bring to their operations and the quality control of their work, is superior. They’ve taken care of us, while always being honest and straightforward with us. The options they gave allow us to be successful and provide for a safer environment."

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Heald RAPTOR Features

  • Simple installation
  • Shallow 20” excavation
  • Minimal concrete required, approximately 2 yards
  • Single or multiple units for wider roads
  • Engineered for safety without pinch points, trip hazards, and voids
  • High duty cycle
  • ASTM M50-P1 and C40-P1 Crash Tested
  • Tested as a single unit
  • Operational after testing with minor repair
  • Hot dip galvanized to assist with corrosion resistance
  • Available as Hydraulic, Electro Mechanical, and Manual
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Electro Mechanical
  • Reduced carbon footprint by utilizing 50% less electricity to operate
  • Runs off a single-phase power supply
  • Operable from a generator when no power supply is available
  • Smaller control cabinet, reducing space requirements
  • Great for sites where no power supply is available
  • Can be operated manually via a battery drill
  • Stadiums and Entertainment Venues
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • City Entertainment Districts
  • Energy Facilities
  • Federal, State, and Local Government
  • Data Centers
  • Emergency Fast Operation (EFO)
  • Heat Trace
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Custom Controls
  • LED Light

US Patent US 8, 979, 419 B2
US Design Patent US D715, 174 S

ASTM M50-P1 & C40-P1 Crash Tested

The Heald Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard Solution's unique design gives it the strength to make it a truly formidable defense, guarding against the highest level of vehicular threat.

The patent protected Raptor Barrier system is ASTM M50-P1 and C40-P1 crash tested. Following crash testing, during which the Raptor halted a 7.5 tone truck travelling at 50 mph, the retractable bollard received a zero penetration result and operated after impact.

The Heald Raptor bollard combines the high security of a wedge barrier with the flexibility of a shallow mount bollard. It is the most resistant bollard of its type on the market due to its unique design and internal reinforcement which other retractable and removable bollards simply don't have.

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