Barrier Renovation

Want to extend the life of your barrier system? We have the perfect solution for you!

Want to extend the life
of your existing barrier system?

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Shallow Mount Bollard offerings can offer an aesthetically pleasing access for pedestrians while protecting against a variety of threats.

Heald Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard’s unique design gives it the strength to make it a truly formidable defense, guarding against the highest level of vehicular threat. The shallow foundation requirement offers cost effective installation and flexibility, making the Raptor a great choice for a variety of applications.

Heald Matador Shallow Mount Sliding Bollard is ideal for installations where excavation is challenging. Low profile and safe operation make it perfect for areas where constant pedestrian access is required.

Innovations in streetscapes combine form, function and strength with security and resilience with innovations allowing for areas where space for excavation is limited due to underground infrastructure.

There are a variety of shallow mount wedge barriers that offer tough defense against high-speed vehicle attacks. Wedge barriers are the most widely-used barriers due to the level of protection they provide.

From complete to partial restoration, Concentric Security can design and perform renovation on vehicle barrier systems to get them running like new.

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