Concentric Security prides itself on being the nation’s foremost Perimeter Security Solutions Providers.
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Service & Product Information PDF Sheets

  • Perimeter Security Solutions

    At Concentric Security, we know your venue is unique. You have different security needs, challenges, stakeholders and technology requirements. This is where we shine. As the industry leader in perimeter security, we’ve seen it all and know there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Security Assessments

    Concentric Security knows every site and situation is different, there is no easy, one size fits all answer. Knowing your site is the most important point when securing your venue from vehicle threats. A strong perimeter security solution starts with assessments that include careful analysis of the site and surrounding areas.

  • Post and Rail Anti-Ram Crash Barrier

    Post and Rail Anti-Ram Crash Barrier system is a passive barrier system that can be used against a variety of vehicle threats. The system can stand alone or be integrated into other security features to create a complete perimeter barrier system.

  • Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard

    Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard's unique design gives it the strength to make it a truly formidable defense, guarding against the highest level of vehicular threat.

  • Matador Surface Mount Sliding Bollard

    Matador Surface Mount Sliding Bollard is ideal for installations where excavation is impractical.

  • Concentric Security GSA Quick Reference Guide

    A listing of some of the most commonly ordered GSA items on Concentric Security's GSA Schedule.

  • Ferrocast Bollard Covers

    Ferrocast bollard covers are made from a durable material proven to hold up in harsh environments, for at least 10 years with no painting necessary.