Barrier Renovation

Want to extend the life of your barrier system? We have the perfect solution for you!

If required, our expert design team will program one master Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to control logic circuits of the different security devices containing relays, timers, PLCs, power inputs, and power outputs. Our vehicle barrier controls are configured to allow for ease of use, new and existing equipment integration, automated control, and built-in reporting tools. Systems are designed to meet or exceed applicable guidance (i.e. MUTCD, DOT, or facility) standards.

Concentric Security’s control panels are custom designed and fabricated to allow full operational control of our barriers, bollards, gates, operators, and other necessary access control components. The perimeter security control panels can be low voltage hard wired, PLC based, graphic, or touch screen panels. Control panels can be mounted into a computer cabinet, into a desk-mounted cabinet, onto a guard booth wall, or even onto an outside stanchion (with NEMA boxes).

General Features
  • MCP (Master Control Panel)
  • RCP (Remote Control Panel)MCP (Master Control Panel)
  • RCP (Remote Control Panel)
  • Maintenance Control Panel
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Data Logging
  • Key lockable main power switch with indicator light
  • Enable / Disable key lockable switch for remote panel control
  • Enabled / Disabled indicator lights
  • Open / Stop / Close / Up / Down switches
  • Position Indicator lights
  • Activation Buzzers
  • EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) switches
  • EFO reset switches
  • Lamp test
  • Site condition overlay / graphics
  • Localized UPS power supply in case of power failure
Typical Uses
  • Guard Booth
  • Gatehouse
  • Overwatch Booth
  • Security Office
  • Visitor’s Center

Want to extend the life
of your existing barrier system?

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