Ferrocast®️ Bollard Covers

Want maximum protection for your bollards, projected to last for at least 10 years with no painting necessary?

These bollards have been designed and crash tested to meet specifications down to the non-rated requirements. Our bollard solutions are fabricated in a variety of diameters, height, operational configurations, and performance ratings to meet the project’s needs.

Types of Bollards

Automatic Bollards


  • Proven product in the high security industry
  • With proper maintenance, years of available service
  • Environmentally friendly hydraulic oil


  • Although higher install costs, reduced life maintenance, and operational costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Lights available in some models

Heald Matador Shallow Mount Sliding Bollard

Heald Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard

Retractable/Semi-Auto Bollards

  • Lesser cost with lack of external operating system
  • Physical operation of each bollard required
  • Drill powered operation available on some models
  • Internal hydraulic, pneumatic assisted, screw-drive mechanics
  • Key lockable


  • Least cost with exclusion of operating system
  • Physical operation of each bollard required
  • Key lockable

Removable Bollards

  • Internal or external locking systems
  • Physical removal required (high-security versions may require heavy lifting equipment)
  • Heavy Duty versions available

Fixed Bollards

  • Permanent solution to preventing unauthorized vehicular access
  • Shallow Mount versions can be installed to avoid underground utilities
  • Surface Mount versions for flexibility and temporary perimeter security requirements


  • Design flexibility with colors and exterior sleeves to match existing bollards and architecture
  • Center-to-center dimensions can vary with engineered models to maximize roadway protection with minimal product
  • Systems can be integrated into other security features, equipment, and controls
  • EFO available on most automatic models
  • Traffic lights, traffic arms, vehicle detections loops can be provided for additional safety features

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Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard solution’s unique design gives it the strength to make it a truly formidable defense, guarding against the highest level of vehicular threat. The shallow foundation requirement offers cost effective installation and flexibility, making the Raptor a great choice for a variety of applications.

Matador Shallow Mount Sliding Bollard solution is ideal for installations where excavation is challenging. Low profile and safe operation make it perfect for areas where constant pedestrian access is required.

Ferrocast bollard covers are made from a durable material proven to hold up in harsh environments, for at least 10 years with no painting necessary. The highly versatile material can be customized to meet the needs of new or existing bollards, blending security with the look and feel of the surroundings.

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