Concentric Security’s cable solutions are fabricated in a variety of lengths, excavation depths, and performance ratings to meet the customer’s needs.

Typical Uses

  • Government Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Airfield Perimeters
  • Secured Property or Parking Boundaries
  • Building Standoff Requirements
  • ACP and ECF containment systems

General Features

  • Flexibility to match or be integrated into the existing fence (including chain-link)
  • Low maintenance vehicular barrier
  • Specifications – K12, K8, K4, USACE
  • Systems can be integrated into other security features, equipment, and controls

Typical Applications

Post & Rail Cable System

  • Design has a simplistic above-ground appearance
  • Extra rails can be added to contain other security sensors or cabling
  • Cable tensioning not required
  • Fence system will be integrated when anti-vehicular / anti-personnel combinations are required
  • System aesthetically blends into the surrounding environment

Post & Cable System

  • USACE specification
  • Inexpensive way to cover large areas
  • Cable tensioning required
concentric staff spotlight

Integrity is our paramount value, customer success our highest aim, and people are our greatest asset.

David Wachs
  • Concentric Security COO
  • Expert on Complex Security Installations