Barrier Renovation

Want to extend the life of your barrier system? We have the perfect solution for you!

A security system is more than a local contractor installing physical equipment at a location, it is the integration of all the elements in a design and construction cycle.

Through Concentric Security’s efforts, the system will function to meet your organizations specific needs and not a generic process.

Concentric Security has the expertise to:

  • Understand the applicable security specifications
  • Review site conditions
  • Propose theory of operations based on site application
  • Provide needed equipment to secure against the required threat through trusted vendors and product lines
  • Install the equipment
  • Create and fabricate the control system utilizing trusted vendors and supply lines
  • Train personnel on site
  • Service and maintain equipment after installation

Want to extend the life
of your existing barrier system?

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concentric staff spotlight

Integrity is our paramount value, customer success our highest aim, and people are our greatest asset.

John Bray
  • Vice President at Concentric Security
  • General Manager for Blue Ember