Feb 13, 2024


Concentric Security Wins Heald Distributor Award 2023 After a Year of Remarkable Achievements

We are thrilled to announce that, following another successful year, we have been honored with the Heald Distributor Award for 2023.

Since initiating our partnership with Heald in 2017, our collaboration has yielded an impressive array of perimeter security solutions for significant projects. These include the historic Old Town Winchester and numerous iconic, high-traffic pedestrian areas across the United States.

Recently, our efforts have been focused on the installation and commissioning of crash-tested hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, including Raptors, EVOs, and Mantises, at several key metropolitan areas such as Cleveland, San Francisco, and New York.

Congratulations also go to our very own Chris Truss, who has been awarded Overseas Salesperson of the Year.

Debbie Heald MBE, Managing Director, commented on the awards: “The last six years have seen the relationship between Heald and Concentric Security continue to flourish. Working alongside a team that aligns with Heald’s values and ambitions is a pleasure. At Heald, we highly value our distribution partners around the world, and we look forward to continuing to work with you all in 2024 and beyond”.

Chris Truss reflected on the recognition: “Partnering with Heald has enabled us to offer cutting-edge perimeter security solutions which stand the test of time. The durability and adaptability of Heald’s products, such as the Raptor and the Matador, have proven invaluable in protecting lives across the United States. We are proud to distribute Heald products and look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality, reliable security solutions to our clients.”

For more information please visit: https://www.heald.uk.com/news/usa-partner-announced-as-heald-distributor-award-winner/